Teen Track


4:00-6:00 check in at the Hague

6:00 Rules/info in the Pavilion

6:30 Dinner in the Lodge

7:45 Singing and Devotional —Joel Soumer, Youth Minister at Mesa church of Christ

9:15 Return to cabins/icebreakers/get ready for bed

11:00 Lights out


7:00 Wake up

8:00 Morning songs/Pledge of Allegiance at the flagpole

8:30 Breakfast in the Lodge 

9:30 Tidy cabins/bathrooms

10:00 Game/lesson about game — Calvin Glenn, Member Mesa church of Christ

11:00 Morning lesson — Kevin Crossland, Youth Minister at Northwest church of Christ

11:45 Personal time

12:15 Devotional thought — Perry Stills, Copper Basing Bible Camp staff

12:45 Lunch in the Lodge

1:30 Quiet time

2:30 Field game — Capture the flag

4:00 Free time

6:00 Dinner in the Lodge

7:00 Game/free time 

8:00 Night lesson — Alex Bigham, Elder at North Valley church of Christ

9:00 Singing 

9:30 Return to cabins/get ready for bed

11:00 Lights out 


7:00 Wake up 

8:00 Morning songs/Pledge of Allegiance at the flagpole 

8:30 Breakfast in the Lodge

9:30 Bible class — Carter Milam, Youth Minister at Canyon church of Christ

10:20 Worship in the Lodge — David Brown, Youth Minister at Southwest church of Christ

11:45 Clean up cabins and camp

12:30 Return home