Lady’s Sunday Morning Bible Study

Lady’s Sunday Morning Bible Study – Ladies, you are welcome to join us for Bible Study each Sunday morning, 9:30 AM, in Room #3. Our current three-part study is entitled “God’s Love to Me – in Me – through Me! This study series is designed to help us better comprehend the deep abiding love of the Creator of this world (Genesis 1:1) and the “author [founder] and perfector of our faith” (Hebrews 12:1-3) has for us. 

Part 1. God’s love to me – focuses on the many ways in which God demonstrates His great love for all people, past, present, and future.

Part 2. God’s love in me – we see the transformation that happens when an individual accepts God’s love, authority, and guidance in their lives.  

Part 3. God’s love through me – shows us what happens when God’s love, actively living in an individual, translates into care and concern for others, which in turn, demonstrates the love and thankfulness they have to God for all He has done for them.