Family Camp follows Copper Basin Bible Camp Rules
  1. Camp Rules & Standards of Conduct
  2. At Copper Basin Bible Camp, every Camper will have the opportunity for a safe and uplifting Christian camp experience. To aid in that opportunity, Copper Basin Bible Camp has enacted these rules to ensure the best Christian camping experience possible.
  3. Treat others as you would like to be treated ‐ Matthew 7:12.
  4. Look not only to your own interest but also to the interests of others ‐ Philippians 2:4.
  5. Each Camper is expected to participate in all camp activities unless excused by Camp Director.
  6. No leaving the camp property without the expressed permission of the Camp Director ‐ CBBC 1:1.
  7. No foul language ‐ Ephesians 5:4.
  8. No alcohol, drugs, or tobacco of any kind ‐ 1 Corinthians 6:19‐20.
  9. No electronic devices. (This includes cell phones)
  10. No knives or weapons of any kind.
  11. No matches, lighters, or fireworks.
  12. No food in cabins ‐ Critters 8:1.
  13. No personal use of the camp phone.
  14. All injuries or illnesses must be reported to the Camp medical advisor.
  15. No pets.
  16. There must be no personal display of affection between Campers and no splitting off from the main group.
  17. Boys are not allowed in girls' cabins; girls are not allowed in boys' cabins.
  18. No roughhousing, practical jokes, or fighting.
  19. Camp property should be treated respectfully.
  20. Modest dress is expected at all times. No tube tops, spaghetti straps, halter tops, sleeveless shirts, bare midriffs, mesh shirts, or muscle shirts. All pants must be loose fitting and no shorter than 4" above the knee. No holes in pants above the knees. No clothing with inappropriate language, designs, or insignias.
  21. Personal hygiene rules must be observed (i.e., showers & clean clothes daily).
  22. Personal effects and luggage may be searched in the presence of the Camp Director or medical advisor for illegal items, offensive items, or in an emergency situation.
  23. Campers must stay out of the creeks and ponds in unsupervised situations.

Copper Basin Dress Code

  • No muscle shirts or tank tops, entire sleeves are required
  • All shirts worn must show no stomach skin when arms are fully extended into the air (undershirts can be worn to remedy this)
  • No see-through tops
  • Printed tees, as well as other clothing articles, cannot show profanity, nudity, drug and alcohol references, or any other inappropriate content
  • No holes in jeans 4 inches above the knee that show skin
  • Shorts can be no shorter than 4 inches above the knee when standing
  • No leggings, spandex, or bike shorts
  • No open-toed shoes
  • With these rules in mind counselors are also allowed to dress code campers at their discretion for special cases
  • When dress coded campers are expected to comply with counselors and go change into something deemed appropriate by a counselor
  • If for some reason a camper comes without any appropriate clothing, a counselor or the director will take measures to accommodate them (most likely with basketball shorts and generic t-shirts from the nearby Walmart)